Sample Rental Agreement

Below you will find our SAMPLE rental agreement for Tall Tree Cottage.  

This will give you an overview of key details we require during your stay with us.  

The ACTUAL rental agreement you will sign when booking could be slightly different depending on the home selected.  


1.The undersigned are renting Tall Tree Cottage @ 585 Tall Tree Rd., Blue Eye MO for vacation or recreation purposes,
2. "Owner / Manager" is Patterson Properties & Management Co, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company,
3.Guest(s) are responsible for full payment for the entire rental period: minimally a $150 Reservation Deposit (converts to a refundable security deposit once on site), being due with the acceptance/ return of this Agreement, and the Balance of the rent and fees being due 30 days prior to occupancy (if not all paid in advance). Payments must be made by Accepted Credit Card or check, eCheck. We require paper checks to clear before securing your date on the calendar (thus, checks must be received 45 days prior to arrival). Should you cancel your reservation after the reservation deposit is received and booked, the deposit becomes a non-refundable reservation fee. See item #5 for full outline of cancellation policy.
4.Reservation will not be confirmed until the Rental Agreement has been signed and the deposit secured. Email receipt will be sent to address on file within 24 hours or less. We recommend following up by phone call if email not received as it might have gone to junk or spam filters in your email account.
5.Failure to make / secure payments within 24 hours when due will result in default of this Agreement & forfeiture of any reservation deposits or fees paid to date as outlined in #5.
6.Cancellation PolicyNon negotiable: You will get a full refund of monies paid to date, less a $150 “reservation fee”, upon 31 days or more notice BEFORE arrival. ***If cancellation occurs within the 30 day period before arrival, the entire funds & deposits paid to date of cancellation request are fully earned and non-refundable. Patterson Properties, LLC recommends trip insurance from several reputable trip cancellation / interruption insurers to assist with alleviating this type of unforeseen risk. I / we have reviewed the vacation rental website link for details on trip cancellation/ interruption insurance options – www.BransonCottage.com (“Trip Insurance” link). Our policy is standard for vacation homes being that once we have your reservation booked, we removed it from the market for others to rent, as such, it is historically impossible to get it re rented with short notice and not to mention all the potential unknown renters we’ve passed over since it was off the market. We realize uncertainties in life occur, thus the reason we recommend you invest in trip coverage if you feel at risk. We cannot be responsible once within the period of cancellation. Trip insurance typically is 10-15% of rent.
7.Weather / Acts of God: Additionally, Patterson Properties, LLC will not refund monies paid in advance due to cancellation or interruption of trip for inclement weather, conditions of lake, or other circumstances beyond our control, in Missouri or otherwise. If arriving during Winter months, it is recommended to have an AWD / 4WD vehicle should ice/ snow be present. The last quarter mile is a private gravel road; please drive slow.
8.If guest does not personally inspect the premises prior to signing this Agreement, I (We) agree to accept the rental property upon arrival, provided it meets the basic description as listed on our Rental Website (www.BransonCottage.com) . In Addition, I (we) agree that we will not be entitled to a refund of rent money, nor relocation to another property, and will have no claim or recourse against the Owner, Property Management, etc. Our properties are professionally cleaned and maintained after each client visit. Please advise upon arrival if there are cleanliness issues noted.
9.Entry to this property is “keyless” and as such requires the use of a special 4 digit code that will be given to you via email notification no more than 12 hours prior to arrival. Patterson Properties, LLC will not disclose this code any earlier, for security reasons.
10.I (We), our guests and visitors, agree to NEVER smoke inside the Cottage. If we elect to smoke outside, we will dispose of butts in an appropriate receptacle, not the yard or left on the deck (please empty ash trays before departure). Any violation of the inside smoking policy will incur a $200.00 charge and if additional cleaning is necessary to remove smoke odors, burns, etc. from the house and/or linens, any additional costs will be subtracted from our security deposit or charged accordingly.
11.That there will be no large parties or other loud noises in the home, on the premise or shoreline, especially after 9pm at night. That all tenants listed previously will maintain the premises in good order and appearance and conduct themselves in a manner inoffensive to any neighbors. Our extended family maintains home(s) in the nearby general area, yet separated by road/ wooded areas for privacy.
12.That any drug use on the property, or any disturbance, annoyance, endangerment, or inconvenience of the neighbors; or use of the premises for any immoral or unlawful purposes, or violation of any law or ordinance or nuisance on or about the premises will constitute a breech, and Patterson Properties, LLC may immediately terminate our occupancy and this rental agreement.
13.Owner or Owner’s Agent may enter the premises immediately in the event of an emergency, in order to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance; and with 24 hours notice for normal maintenance, utilizing cellular phone, text or email contact on this agreement
14.Occupancy at ANY time ANYWHERE on the property, (including small children, infants and ANY visitors) is NEVER to exceed 7 persons (5 persons for Retreat)- NO EXCEPTIONS. If more than the maximum number is found to be occupying the leased property (at any time), I (we) agree that a charge of $100.00 per additional person above the maximum number allowed will be made to my (our) credit card on file. Additionally, at the discretion of the Owner, this Agreement may be immediately terminated and without refund. This is a Stone County MO ordinance requirement for vacation home rental properties and violation of our commercial liability insurance and puts undue stress on the home if over occupied. Should you be renting both our homes for family gathering etc, we do NOT allow exceptions to this rule whereby “everyone” would come congregate at one property. Also same would hold for parking a house boat on the shoreline with additional “friends and family”. This is also a violation of the Corps of Engineers rules for shoreline management. Same goes for extra family wishing on camping on our property in tents, RVs, etc.
15.Occupancy of RV / campers / house boats and /or tents etc on the premises / shoreline is forbidden, including common road ways or driveways. No stakes in backyard due to septic lateral system.
16.Pets are NEVER allowed on the property or premises and as such if it is determined that pets have been staying on / in the property, a $250 cleaning fee will be assessed accordingly and taken from the security deposit or in addition to as required.
17.I (we) shall be responsible for all damage, breakage and /or loss to the premises, except normal wear and tear and unavoidable casualties (deemed solely by Managers of Property), which may result from Occupancy. I (we) agree that all household contents, etc., & other equipment and fixtures will be in the same condition as at the beginning of our stay, forgoing reasonable wear and tear and damage by unavoidable fire and casualty, the only exception. Vehicles are NEVER to be driven or parked on any grass area or yard.
18.The property will be left in the same good and habitable condition. Any damages or notable conditions found upon arrival will be reported to the Property Managers / Owners or their Agents within a reasonable amount of time; generally accepting this to be within one (1) or two (2) hours of Occupancy or early next morning if arriving late at night. I understand the property will be inspected by Management prior to my (our) inhabitance and when I/ We departs. Otherwise, I (we) agree, acknowledge & authorize that any repair or replacement costs for loss or damages incurred during our stay (other than normal wear and tear) may be debited from my (our) credit card on file.
19.I (we) agree to indemnify and save Owner and Property Managers harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the leased premises (including shoreline ~ US Gov’t owned) by me (we) guests or invitees. Also from any carelessness, neglect, or improper conduct of any above persons entering, occupying or visiting the property or premises. It is understood that children under age 14 are to be supervised at all times around the Lakeshore, wooded areas & Spa and the Spa cover to be in place when not in use. Spa rules (sent with welcome email and on our site) are acknowledged as read.
20.This lakefront property is bordered by U.S. Gov’t operated Corps of Engineers property. Guests assume full responsibility for any destruction of property on US Gov’t property and hold harmless Patterson Properties & Mgt Co. LLC. Guests are free to use the Corps property beyond the boundaries of Tall Tree Cottage (marked by fire ring in back yard). Use must be in accordance with Corps rules and regulations. We want you to enjoy the lakefront but just be aware that there are RULES NOT SET BY US that you must be aware of. There is a fire ring on OUR property… you are expected to properly maintain any fire you make and to also put it out with water when done each and every time and to supervise the fire during your stay.
21.Also that I/ we acknowledge the “wildlife” aspect of being in a wooded / forested / lake area; as such, there are potentially dangerous flora and/ or fauna (ie; Poison Ivy, Snakes, spiders or other insects, etc). We will defend, hold harmless & indemnify Patterson Properties and Mgt Co, LLC from any issues arising from any interaction between the outdoor environment and us. It is understood that Patterson Properties maintains groomed areas of the properties (ie; yards, driveways and pathways), but it cannot be assured that these above noted elements will not still be present. Watch where you walk in the woods and wear appropriate shoes.
22.The Owner shall provide utilities, BBQ grill (charcoal briquettes NOT provided), furniture and fixtures, certain count of bed linens (1 set in place on beds), bath towels (8), hand towels (4) and wash cloths (4) & kitchen appliances and general utensils, pans, etc. Any and all other and additional provisions, etc are the tenant’s responsibility. We do have washer and dryer in the house for self-service, just like you were at home. Toilet paper, soap, shampoo, dishwasher and clothes detergent, paper towels, etc are the responsibility of the tenant, although we try to stock several days of these items as a courtesy.
23.Prior to vacating the Cottage, Tenant is responsible to remove all trash to bin outside, ensure all dishes and cookware is clean, and return any furniture that was moved to its original position. Beds should NOT be “stripped”; towels can be placed in the tubs. NO FISH CLEANING ALLOWED ON OUR PROPERTY, IF FISHING.
If a late departure and/or an exceptionally filthy house (ie; lots of trash left in house, dirty dishes, etc) impede our cleaning crew’s ability to properly turn over the property in a timely manner for tenants arriving the same day, we reserve the right to assess an additional $90 cleaning fee
24.Owner shall not be liable to Tenant, Tenant’s guests, licensees or invitees or any other person for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property on or about the premises. Tenant shall defend, indemnify and hold Owner, Manager and their Agents harmless from and against all loss, injury or damage occasioned by the use or misuse or abuse of any part of the premises, parking areas, lake or lakefront or community and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of Tenant, his guest, licensees or invitees.
25.This Agreement may not be assigned or the property sublet, and is for the Tenant’s use only. No changes to, or changing of locks of the property / premises are permitted.
26.Finally, we agree that this contract shall be governed by Missouri Law, notwithstanding conflict of laws provisions, and venue for any disputes shall be the circuit courts of Greene County, MO.
By electronically signing this document, I (we), the “Guest” , agree to the terms and conditions stated above. I (we) understand the Cancellation policy.  In addition, I (we) understand it is solely my (our) responsibility to acquire Trip Cancellation insurance (link provided on our site), should I (we) deem it necessary. I/ We also attest that the primary Responsible Party is at least 25 years of age or older.